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FLüXOMIZER™ Clear Cartomizers

FLüXOMIZER™ Cartomizers with NEW Indestructable Plastic Tubing

A cartomizer is what attaches to your e-cigarette battery and provides a reservoir for juice and an atomizer to vaporize that juice all in ONE item - no need for seperate atomizer and cartridge!

The GotVapes FLüXOMIZER™ Cartomizer, a special edition C-E2 Cartomizer specifically designed by and for GotVapes™, is our own time-tested GotVapes™ branded cartomizer that we have chosen based on optimized ohm ratings to ensure the best possible vaping experience.

These cartomizers are offered in a regular and XL size that can hold about .8ml and 1.8ml respectively. No filler, so none of the poly filler taste. These are in an open reservoir where a wick transports the fluid to a coil as opposed to a regular cartomizer which requires a cloth or poly filling that not only affect taste but have a tendency to possibly burn or char, affecting taste and performance to the detriment. With our cartomizers you can vape your juice until it is depleted, none of it being 'trapped' inside the poly fill, so you can vape LONGER and CLEANER delivering the FLAVOR that the juice intended!      
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